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What Makes Cinebuzz Unique.

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

A little insight about us.

Making a serial, show, or movie involves a deep comprehension of all the procedures, designs, and roles involved, due to which it is an intricate process. It truly requires a special knowledge about all the aesthetic as well as technical expertise essential for film making, such as editing, sound, production design, acting, and cinematography. Because all these branches of film making are interconnected, it is also essential for all of them to coordinate for a smooth and logical flow.

Film Making course  at Cinebuzz is exclusively designed to not only learn film direction but also gain special knowledge of all other skills that are indispensable in film making. Along with aesthetic as well as theoretical inputs for directing a film, we are proud to offer a highly significant aspect of any film making course - hands on training in all the technical departments.

The goal is to hone the skills in such a way that a distinct kind of Film Maker who has an all round knowledge and holistic training in all aspects of making a film. No longer will such a student be considered as a Film Director but will be an eligible candidate for a Film Maker.

While a promising Director becomes a professional to know about the film making aspects in general, a Film Maker due to hands on, practical training becomes a specialist with an in-depth comprehension of even the minute details of technical and other processes. Such expertise is crucial to the success of new directors, as the making a film involves much more than technical details.


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